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Driveway and landscaping

Our team at Oakwood Landscapes have been working hard in your local area to bring customers exactly that. A stunning new driveway that will enhance your property and increase the value of your home.

25 years working in the paving industry has given us many different sizes and levels of sites to work on. We know what makes a good looking driveway or patio with the quality paving materials we have at our disposal.

However, before we lay a single block, or get the tarmac ready to lay, our experienced team will ensure that your driveway is dug to the right depth to withstand the weight and also make sure that you have sufficient drainage in place. Especially if you have a soft area of land such as a front garden that you are now turning into a driveway.

If planning permission is needed, we can help you with that.

We can add the little extra touches too such as dropping the kerb, garden walls, decorative edges and garden steps and slopes. This will truly bring your property up to date and being the envy of many a surrounding neighbour.

Our driveways are built from the following quality building materials such as:

  • MJW Drives and PatiosBlock paving
  • MJW Drives and PatiosResinbound
  • MJW Drives and PatiosTarmac
  • MJW Drives and PatiosShingle
  • MJW Drives and PatiosGravel

If you would like oakwood landscapes to come and have a look at your driveway, and assess the area that needs replacing then please contact us below for a FREE no obligation quote. info@oakwood-landscapes.co.uk – 07977 066474