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Rose Garden

Rose garden nearing completion. 3 varieties of hybrid teas surrounded with Ilex Crenata. A substitute for buxus but without the moth!!! pictures of the final completed project coming soon, watch this space

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Perennial bed

Perennial bed nearing completion. The Standard Boxhead Hornbeam look fantastic with the perennial under planting.

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Haddonstone Urns

Haddonstone arrived today with the long awaited stoneware. Taken most of the day to move however now in situ they look amazing.

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Structural steps

New steps to sunken rose garden taking shape , good to see some structure in the garden at last . The reclaimed Stocks a good match to the house.

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Next Mammoth Oakwood task

Oakwood have been contracted to completely overhaul these formal gardens in Watton at Stone, including clearance, retaining walls and Patios. Clearance well under way, we will keep you informed of our progress, keep coming back. Don’t forget if you would like oakwood landscapes to come and have a look at your garden or driveway, please […]

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New Oakwood Stationery

After our marketing company finished Oakwood Landscapes website, oakwood-landscapes.co.uk we asked them to produce some stationery for us. But not just standard stationery, our letterhead and oversized business cards were printed on laid, cotton paper. It had to be specially printed so not to ruin the cotton feel of the stock, x1000 of each produced, printed 1 […]

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